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From market entry to market expansion, Alys accelerates your international success.

Alys Consulting Solutions

Assess your Readiness for International Sales - The first step is to take a look at how prepared you are to sell internationally. Have you ever sold abroad? Can your products be sold "as is" to international markets or do they need some tailorisation? Is your documentation ready? Are your sales tools ready? Do you have an international website? Are you aware of export regulations? These are some of the issues we want to address before embarking into international sales.

Define a Strategy for International Markets - Exporting is not one-size-fits-all. Every company uses different sales techniques, some of which can be directly replicated to sell internationally when some others will not work. Alys helps customers define a strategy for best market penetration.

Search for representatives and distributors - The simplest and cheapest solution to sell abroad is to find local sales representatives or distribution channels. Alys relies on an international network and on its experience of partner search to find the best companies to represent your business in any country.

Management of sales representatives and distributors - Alys can manage your network of sales representatives or distributors to maximize your sales. Services range from providing documentation to meeting prospective customers with your representatives to training the partners to your products.

Market studies - Assess your chances of success by studying the market you want to get into. Alys will assess the market for your products, the degree of competition, the barriers to entry, and other factors such as economic and political environment.

Local Offices - For companies that are ready to open offices in a new country, Alys gives advice to facilitate the local office. Our local partners help you get acquainted with the local laws, regulations, administrative tasks, and also introduce you to the local culture.

Information on available help - Various national organizations provide help and incentives for companies to sell abroad. Alys can help you make the most of the available options.

Export licencing - Alys can help companies navigate the complexity of US export regulations, file export license applications with the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) or with the Department of State, Department of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) for compliance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). We can also assist with the preparation of technical assistance agreements, advisory opinion, or commodity jurisdiction requests.

Quality Regulations - Products exported must comply with local regulations. Alys can help you assess the regulatory environment and help you comply with requirements such as CE marking for example.

Search for Partners - Exporting can be done in many ways. Alys can help you define what type of partners to look for, contact them, negotiate agreements with them, and train them.

Search for acquisitions - Alys can search for prospective companies to acquire, contact them, perform due diligence, help you make a selection, and help you along the acquisition process.

Training - A lot of knowledge that is specific to international sales. Alys can teach you how to sell to international markets: know which terms and conditions must be specified, what the sales process entails, how to successfully negotiate depending on the country, etc.

Creation of documentation and sales tools - Alys can create the tools and documentation that you need to sell your products abroad.

Website Preparation and SEO - Your website is your first sales tool. All companies must have an online presence. Alys will review your website and online presence and make recommendations for international sales, which includes translation and localization. In many cases it will also benefit your existing website. We will also help you rank your search engine in different languages.

Translation services - Alys relies on a network of translators to provide you with translation services in support of your international sales effort.

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