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Alys Consulting offers French/English bilingual and bicultural services to help companies enter the French market.

Alys Consulting Solutions

Understand the specificities of the French market - Sales in France are very different from sales in your home market. Purchasing departments use their own processes, French consumers have different motivations from consumers in your home market. Neglecting these differences or misunderstanding them can lead to failure in entering the French market.

Define a Strategy for the French Market - Defining a strategy and a sales method for the French market is the first step to enter this market. Depending on your sales method on your home market we may be able to extend this strategy or we may recommend a completely different strategy.

Search for and management of representatives and distributors - Alys has an excellent knowledge of the French market. We can contact representatives or distributors for you, and negotiate contracts with them. We can also manage these representatives, train them and provide them with documentation translated into French.

Negotiation in French - Alys Consulting can help you in the most difficult negotiation. Using perfect knowledge of the language but also of the culture and of the frame of reference of your counterpart, we bring constructive solutions that foster win-win relationships.

Market studies - Assess your chances of success by studying the market. Alys will assess the French market for your products, the degree of competition, the barriers to entry, and other factors such as economic and political environment that can impact your sales.

Local Offices - For companies that are ready to open offices in France, Alys gives advice to facilitate the start of a local office. We help you get acquainted with the local laws, regulations, administrative tasks, and even help you contact your first prospective customers. And we also introduce you to the local culture.

Search for Partners - Exporting can be done in many ways. Alys can help you define what type of partners to look for, contact them, negotiate agreements with them, and train them.

Search for acquisitions - Alys can search for prospective companies to acquire, contact them, perform due diligence, help you make a selection, and help you along the acquisition process.

Creation of documentation and sales tools - Alys creates the tools and documentation that you need to sell your products in France.

Website Preparation and SEO - Your website is a major sales tool. Alys will review your website and online presence and help you prepare your website for selling to the French market, which includes localizing and translating. It also includes the ranking of your website on French versions of search engines.

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